Would you like to be an advanced weaver? Would you love to teach, and be dedicated to carry on the beautiful art, culture and teachings of Salish Weaving?

Since 2004 we have taught many weavers who are now important teachers in their communities.


First group of apprentices, Rose Williams, Shelley Jacobs, Joy Joseph-Mc Cullough, Marcie Baker, Anjeanette Dawson, Lisa Lewis, Dee McHugh, Charlene Joseph, Sandra Joseph, Dantry Darbyshire-Joseph(missing) 2009

To qualify for a Salish Weaving Apprenticeship you should be:

  • A member of a Coast Salish Nation
  • Or, a member of another Nation and adopted into a Coast Salish Nation
  • Or, married to a Coast Salish Partner and an active member will to teach in the community.
  • Have weaving experience.
  • Willing to dedicate time, effort and love to a weaving career.
  • Able and willing to dedicate 4 months to apprentice, then carry on the techniques for your lifetime.
  • Of financial ability or have ways of obtaining funding for instructors fees equipment, and supplies.

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